Out of the Park Baseball 13 New Features Detailed

Out of the Park Developments has revealed some of what the new features of Out of the Park Baseball 13 will feature.

The new features in OOTP 13 include:

  • 2012 major and minor league rosters, along with new rule changes, including a 2nd wild card in each league in 2013 and the Astros’ move to the AL West next year
  • A real-time simulation mode, complete with a score ticker and the ability to jump into games in progress
  • More immersive storylines that include decision points (for example, fine a problem player or ignore his antics; either one has downsides and upsides and impacts morale, fan interest, etc.)
  • More customization options for playoffs, including first round byes
  • Improved online league play
  • A revamped interface and core engine improvements

OOTP 13 will be released this March, and preorders are still being accepted. Let us know if you’re a fan of the preeminent baseball management simulation.

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