Pope Crisco: Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale

Well, I can’t say how long it will be till these posts come out due to issues with the health of my editor and her willingness to proof them before uploading, but this makes article number three for myself this weekend, and it’s only Saturday of a three day weekend. I have at least two more articles that I plan to pen this weekend, not including any additional beer reviews that I might be inspired to compose.

The weather is somewhat perfect for beer consumption, as it is rainy and cold here in north Texas, and the alcohol helps warm the soul and body in this dreary weather. Of course it isn’t doing much to keep me awake either.

Being my typically reckless self, I poured the beer a bit too aggressively, making use of the imperial pint glass’s extra room for the 12 ounce bottle of beer, and avoiding overflow of the tan, fluffy head that formed, showing large CO2 bubbles in the beer’s crown. The beer itself was a dark, opaque, and true to its name, brown ale.

Putting my nose to the rim of the glassware, aromas of burnt caramel, chocolate and a slight breadiness are detected.

The first sip of the dark concoction is full of burnt caramel and coffee flavors accented by a coffee-like bitterness. As an aftertaste, the underlying essence of raisins can be experienced. While I am sure Dogfish Head put a wonderfully appropriate amount of hops for their means, this beer drinker was hoping for some more traditional pine, citrus, or floral hints from the hops in the brew.

All in all though, this is a wonderful, complex beer that is easily enjoyed.


I brew and drink beer, smoke pipes and cigars, eat till I’ve had more than my fill, and escape in pulp rags till my eyes turn buggy. I don’t claim any expertise in any subject other than the chase of my own earthly pleasures. I write to help others find their own pleasures so that together we will decay in spirit with these lesser pursuits.