Mr. Skin Breaks Down Jennifer Aniston’s Topless Scene in Wanderlust (Video)

There has been a whole bunch of hype about Jennifer Aniston appearing nude in Wanderlust. Well it seems the topless scene has been cut out of the film. Isn’t that convenient? I am guessing Jennifer Aniston’s boobs may pop up or out in the Special Edition Directors Cut Blu Ray release for $59.99 when the time comes to make more money. In a way Jennifer Aniston is treating her breasts the way George Lucas treats the Star Wars Saga.

I am just wonder if Jen’s boobs with get released in 3D next year? It seem like Jennifer Aniston is really milking these breasts for all she can get. It is funny this actress has been strategically showing her body in piece by piece. Is this titillation or just annoying? We haven’t seen as much as a nipple slip or a wardrobe malfunction from this woman. Her counterpart on Friends Courtney Cox is a different story.

As we documented in our Top Ten Celebrity Nip Slips – Courtney Cox has issues keeping her bikini on as you can see here. Still even with the cat out of the bag Courtney Cox also refuses to drop her laundry on film.

I am guessing that if we do get to see a Friends actress naked it will end up being Lisa Kudrow.I have never seen any of Lisa Kudrow’s movies so I am definitively not going to pay 10 bucks to see her tits. So check out this video from Mr. Skin not only discussing Jennifer Aniston’s topless scene but also Elizabeth Olsen’s nude debut, yes Mary Kate and Ashley’s younger sister You can check out the video here.