Leif Garrett is Still Alive At 50

Sadly we lost the man who performed “Last Train to Clarksville”. Tigerbeat cover boy Davy Jones died today at the age of 66. Tigerbeat magazine alumni and the man who was busted in a train station with heroin is still surprisingly alive. While Leif Garrett is nobody’s Steppin Stone we are guessing he in no stranger to the crack rock.

The last post on Leif Garrett’s website is from Christmas so we don’t know if he is working on stage or in an alley for a bit of black tar heroin. He did sign off his post with the Indian salutation “Namaste”. Namaste translates to “may your inner light see my inner light. Or in Leif’s case “someone give me a light so I can cook up this black tar heroin”.

When I think about it I should stop talking about Leif Garrett doing Black Tar Heroin. I am sure he did a bit of Mexican Brown in his day also.

So it looks like for the time being we still have Leif Garrett. Tigerbeat alum Davy Jones and Andy Gibb are gone but Leif keeps on keeping on. So with The Monkees still touring Leif Garrett may be able to pickup a gig. Hell, John Stamos is a Beach Boy, why cant Leif Garrett be a Monkee?