RawSpeed Racing is Pushing the Limits of Man and Tires

A motorcycle road racing team just launched a cool kickstarter project about a documentary series they are trying to create. RawSpeed Racing is a team of 5 races who want to create a documentary series giving motorsports fans an exclusive look into their world of high speed club racing along the East Coast. They want to show you the real excitement along with the trials and tribulations of the sport, not just a motorcade of moving billboards.

They are talking full throttle, pushing the limits of man and tires, where squeezing out a bike length is the difference of winning and losing. They want to bring fast paced action directly to you. In addition, they’re hoping to encourage motorcycle enthusiasts alike to see their own potential and take to the race track themselves. Fans can turn their dreams into reality at the race track by participating in schools, track days and ultimately racing. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Michigan and you’re not wearing a helmet, learn about the helmet law in the state of Michigan.

To start they’ve created their own teaser to give a little insight and are in the process of creating more videos to give a further in-depth look into their vision.

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