Miami Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross Has Proven He Can’t Close The Peyton Manning Deal

Let me start by saying I am not a millionaire. Not a captain of industry or a Wall Street raider. What I can say is I know a bit more about business than Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross does. If the Miami Dolphins were to get Peyton Manning the deal should have been done by now. However, it looks like Steven Ross is once again going to drop the ball.

This is starting to feel like the Jim Harbaugh/Jeff Fisher deal all over again. What Ross needs to do is put a deal on the table that Peyton Manning cannot refuse. This is not the time to negotiate, you need leverage to negotiate. Peyton Manning is holding all of the cards here.


There are a reported seven teams that desire Peyton Manning’s services. It has been reported that the Redskins will not win the Peyton Manning lottery. Peyton Manning does not want to play against his brother twice a year and he has no desire to play in the cold. I think you can rule out the NFC all together. Eli, Archie, and Peyton Manning want to see the Manning Bowl Dream come true one day. This cannot happen with the brothers in the same conference.

As far as AFC teams go – The Jets think they are in the running. Peyton Manning will never play in New York. This has nothing to do with the cold; it has everything to do with the coach, the Jets players and and most of the Jets fans being douchbags. The locker room in New York is about to implode, Peyton Manning does not not want to be a part of that circus. The Tennessee Titans have no chance at signing Manning; he will not go to a division rival. He is not Brett Farve, yet another New York Jets douchbag.

This leaves the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs. Peyton Manning knows if he takes Timmy Tebow’s job, he will never get into heaven. Moreover, Tebow and Peyton Manning have the same management – it is not happening Broncos fans. The Kansas City Chiefs just suck and Peyton Manning doesn’t have the time for them to rebuild.

This brings us back to The Miami Dolphins. Therefore, what Steven Ross needs to do is call Peyton Manning and ask him what kind of compensation and package he needs to go to Miami. Then Ross needs to put the deal together. No wheeling, no dealing. Just sign Peyton Manning and get it done. Time to write a check Stevie.

If Peyton Manning is not a Miami Dolphin this year, Steven Ross will probably go down as the worst owner in NFL history. Peyton Manning is being served to Ross on a silver platter. If Ross can’t get this deal done do we send in J Lo to close the deal? Or do we just let Steven Ross sign Jamarcus Russell? This could be a long year for Miami Dolphins fans.