Is Ashton Kutcher the Father of Rihanna’s Baby?

From our where the is smoke there is fire department. If you add together two internet rumors that are hitting the web, Two and a Half Men star Ashton Kutcher could soon be a dad. Many media outlets including TMZ have reported Rihanna has been making late night booty calls at Ashton Kutcher’s new bachelor pad.

If you tie the TMZ report to the latest news reported by, it could spell fatherhood for Ashton Kutcher.

From: MTO – March 29, 2012: We’re not sure WHAT to make of this . . but an MTOer was overseas and they saw this mag on the stands . . . and took a cameraphone pic.

We can’t CO-SIGN on the rumor yet. But if she is PREGGERS . . . who is her babys father????

Making this even more complicated for Ashton Kutcher and Rihanna is the fact that Demi Moore is incensed by the thought of Rihanna with her ex.

From:The Times of India – Actress Demi Moore is reportedly heartbroken after learning that her estranged husband Ashton Kutcher is dating singer Rihanna. But Rihanna says she is “single” and “happy”.

Moore, 49, who has completed a stint in a rehab for a reported eating disorder and addiction, was devastated when she saw a picture of Rihanna making a late night visit to Kutcher’s home.

We have called Ashton Kutcher the dumbest man on earth in the past. If Is Ashton Kutcher did in fact knock up Rihanna before he signed his divorce papers he is a beyond a moron. It is getting to the point where Ashton Kutcher needs someone to protect him from Ashton Kutcher.

If Ashton Kutcher is not the father of Rihanna’s alleged baby, who the hell is?