Amanda Bynes Arrested for Driving Under The Influence (Video)

Former nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes is the latest child actor to fall from grace. The lilac haired actress was arrested for DUI in West Hollywood early this morning according to TMZ. TMZ also reported that on St. Patrick’s Day last month, Amanda Bynes was wasted out of her mind at a club in L.A. and got behind the wheel as you can see in this video.

The camera operator in the video pleads with her not to get behind the wheel just as she speeds off. So our question is will Amanda Bynes be the next Lindsey Lohan or worst Dana Plato? She hasn’t worked in years and this latest stunt will not improve her stock in Hollywood. Like Lohan her only option may be to drop the laundry and pose nude to renew interest

The porn magazine option did not work for Dana Plato as we all know. After posing naked in Playboy Dana Plato had a downward spiral to the world of drugs, xxx porn movies and nude photo shoots. Could this be the direction Amanda Bynes is headed toward?

TMZ also reported the 26-year-old actress was busted at 3 AM … she’s still behind bars. So we are expecting the 16th minute of fame to come next. We just don’t know if the last desperate plea for attention will be a topless movie scene, nude modeling or the o’ so popular a hacked cellpone sex tape and pictures. But we do know it is coming fast. For now enjoy these bikini pics