British Men – Worriers, Not Warriors

Research released today by Foster’s, the beer brand that embodies the ‘no worries’ Aussie attitude to life , reveals that British blokes are a nation of worriers, with over a quarter of men believing they stress more than their girlfriend. Top of their everyday dilemmas are concerns about the way they look, worrying whether their banter is up to standard and talking to women.

The poll reveals that the average British man’s biggest worry is his looks, with almost one fifth of image-conscious men admitting being unhappy about the way they look while a further 18% worried about their dress sense. This is closely followed by a fear of how they fare with women, with one in five believing they are below average when it comes to chatting up the opposite sex.

The survey shows ‘Poms’ are far cry from the relaxed outlook of their Aussie counterparts, revealing that British men bottle up their problems, with a huge 72% confessing that they rarely have the confidence to share their dilemmas with anyone. And a fifth of men even worry that asking for advice makes them appear like less of a man.

When Brits do decide to offload their problems, almost half of blokes [43%] turn to their mates rather than their girlfriend for life advice. However, one tenth admits that despite seeking advice from friends, their mates often fail to offer up much practical advice.

The results come as Foster’s launches its online ‘good call centre’ [ ], which offers personal bloke-friendly advice for men and their mates – on anything from a bad haircut to women troubles – from the renowned Foster’s agony uncles Brad and Dan [ ].

And it would seem that the old phrase ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ doesn’t ring true with many British men, as over a third (36%) take up to six months to pluck up the courage to share a problem with their other half. One in ten admits that pride prevents them from ever sharing a dilemma with a girlfriend, no matter how important.

Foster’s will also be taking the Good Call Centre [ ] to the British public, and opening up a Good Call Centre  in London, for a limited time, for men to come in and sample some ‘no worries’ advice on pressing dilemmas.

Nic Casby, Brand Manager for the lager company comments: “The evidence shows that British blokes spend far too much time bottling up their emotions and not enough time seeking advice. We want to encourage them to adopt a more laid-back approach to life by providing them with solutions to their mates’ everyday dilemmas.”

To view the Good Call Centre and send advice to your mates, visit