Studies Show Gardeners Have Better Sex Lives

Do gardeners have a better sex life? Studies show that not only is your sex life better but health in general improves when you garden. The many benefits for health from reducing the risk of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease are highlighted in a recent article written by Shelley Sparks for NPR’s new website Next Avenue.

Because gardening is physical, you need to protect yourself from some typical forms of injury. To safeguard your back, wrists, and knees you can learn the proper way to sit, stand, and move. Also, if you vary your repetitive motions, you will give your muscles and joints time to recover between repetitions. In the article Shelley Sparks advises “If you work a lot with vegetables or flowers plant them in raised beds, which will help prevent both back strain and knee problems by limiting how far you need to bend and reach. ”

“People who have never gardened don’t recognize the physical, emotional, and spiritual ways that gardening can enhance your life,” said author Shelley Sparks. Her new International Book Award winner, Secrets of the Land, Designing Harmonious Gardens with Feng Shui, describes how to design your garden to promote good health and luck. “By making even small changes or additions to your garden can really improve your life. When good Feng Shui in the garden supports you, positive changes happen easily.”

If you already garden, you are probably well aware of many advantages- fresh food or flowers, good exercise, the joy of seeing life grow, and the peace that you feel in the garden. If you have never tried gardening, you can do it almost anywhere from a sunlit window to an estate. The benefits of gardening can be yours. So put down the Viagra and pick up the trowel.

About Shelley Sparks.

Shelley Sparks is an award winning landscape architect, Feng Shui expert, author, and teacher. She is the founder and principle at Harmony Gardens, a landscape architecture firm and Feng Shui consultancy company based in Los Angeles, CA. She has designed gardens throughout the United States and adjusted the Feng Shui of homes, gardens, and businesses worldwide. Her website, offers information on both subjects in the form of newsletters, blogs, videos, galleries, and merchandise.