Leif Garrett Still Alive at 50

The passing of Andy Griffith got us thinking a bit about Ron Howard. Ron Howard is the most successful child actor in the history of Hollywood. When you look at the string of Hollywood child actor tragedies it makes you wonder. Would the life of Dana Plato, Corey Haim or even Anissa Jones been different if they were mentored by the Sheriff of Mayberry?

It also made us think what would the life of Leif Garrett be like if he had a chance to walk down the golden streets of Mayberry. That is when our researchers told us unlike the for mentioned actors Leif Garrett surprisingly isn’t dead. So we checked IMDB and could not find any signs of life of the troubled actor/singer/junkie.

If Leif has anything in production, he is off all radars. We then checked Hollywood Bvld. A homeless man told us he saw someone that looked like Leif Garrett board a UFO. I amassuming we can’t consider that a serious lead.

Therefore, with Leif underground we are hoping he is not back on the shit. For those of you unfamiliar with the biggest hack of the 70’s he does have an appetite for black tar and Mexican brown heroin. Leif was actually caught with black tar heroin in his shoe, so even though he never went to the University of North Carolina I guess we can call him a tar heel.

America’s Dumbest Criminals is still in production. So, I am guessing Leif Garrett is still working. It must be depressing when your job is making Todd Bridges and a ex-Partridge kid with a double digit IQ look smart. For the record Todd Bridges is still working. He was the black guy doing piles of coke in Sandler and Samberg’s movie “That’s My Boy”. “Danny” Bonaduce probably got lost on his way to the gig.

America has lost an icon with the passing of Andy Griffith. But the guy that shot glue on Nicollette Sheridan keeps on, keepin’ on. And now that we think about it, if Leif Garrett did walk down the golden streets of Mayberry he probably would have found somewhere to score smack. Maybe Floyd, maybe Otis…but he would have in all probability scored somewhere. Do they have subways in Mayberry?