Beer, Bikinis and The Olympics

Due to become one of the highest profile sports in the Olympics, Team GB’s women’s beach volleyball duo has finally been announced as Zara Dampney and Shauna Mullin – much to the pleasure of the girls, their fans and American Craft Beer brand Fordham.

Fordham began sponsoring the girls in January 2012 to help finance their training and support their journey to qualify. Having spent the last 6 months on the worldwide competition circuit, Zara and Shauna are now ready to fly the flag at London 2012.

Fordham, which features a distinctive ‘FO’ logo on its bottles, is rebranding the sport as ‘FOlleyball’ in a drive to persuade the British public to take up the game as well as enjoy the beer range as part of their “Try Something New” campaign.

Graham Richardson, general manager of Heathwick, said: “We are delighted for Zara and Shauna. They’ve worked so hard to qualify as Team GB and deserve all their success. There’s going to be a real buzz around Beach Volleyball in London and right across the UK this summer, with the Olympics giving this fresh and exciting sport a high profile. That’s the same ethos we’re building around the Fordham range, offering something new and interesting to beer drinkers and making craft beer more accessible to mainstream consumers.”

Shauna said: “Representing Britain at the Olympics is a dream come true for us.” Zara added: “We’re extremely grateful for Fordham’s support, which has made it possible for us to focus on playing the best volleyball we can.”

It seems Zara and Shauna will have the American’s supporting them, along with all us Brits. They obviously know a good thing when they see it.
NB. Attached images of Zara and Shauna are property of Heathwick Ltd and any use of them should credit the company’s sponsorship and the Fordham brand.
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