Artie Lange Update: Artie Lange Arrested in Paris After Break Up with Girlfriend

We all know about Artie Lange’s legal and personal troubles from the Howard Stern Show, but for the most part, they were US-based… until now. Artie Lange admitted on his radio show on Monday that he was recently arrested in Paris during a public breakup with his (former) girlfriend.

As usual, the former Howard Stern Show sidekick was open and honest and spoke freely about the incident on his “Nick and Artie Show”. Below are a few excerpts from the admission…

“I was arrested in Paris. I spent the night in a Paris jail. It’s my first international arrest…This woman, Adrianne, I love her. She’s a doll. She drives me nuts, and I drive her nuts–and this is mostly my fault. We broke up, also, in Paris. I was arrested in Paris, and Adrianne and I, we officially broke up.”

“I go there and I start screaming for her to come out. You know: ‘Get out here you f*cking c*nt!’ Like, I had a white out with anger. The gendarmes come. These are the French police–the coolest cops I’ve ever experienced. They go: ‘Monsieur, you have to calm down. You have to calm down Monsieur.'”

Wow, Artie Lange publicly dropping the C-bomb! Is somebody off the wagon? According to Artie, he was sober during the incident and that his former girl simply drove him crazy.

You would think Howard Stern would discuss the incident but he has been squirrely with everything Artie Lange related as of late. Howard was deeply affected by Artie’s suicide attempt that forced him to leave the show in December 2009.