NFL Draft Contest Update: Andrew Luck Signs With Colts, Ryan Tannehill Still Unsigned by Dolphins

The two favorite horses in the sweepstakes to be the last first round 2012 NFL Draft pick signed are out of the running. In a span of a few days, both Andrew Luck, picked first overall, and Robert Griffin III – RG3, second overall, signed their contracts with the Indianapolis Colts and Washington Redskins.

So who is the favorite in our “First Picked/Last Signed” Contest now? There are only 11 contestants left… and the block of picks 3 through 8 are still in the running. It appears the new favorite might be Ryan Tannehill, the 8th overall pick by the Miami Dolphins.

Apparently the contract talks between Tannehill and the Dolphins have hit a blockade due to the “offset language”. Both the Andrew Luck and RG3 contracts did not have any offset language despite earlier reports. Dawn Aponte, the Miami Dolphins vice president of administration, appears to be insisting that the offset language is included and the Dolphins are protected financially if they have to release Tannehill prior to the end of his contract.

The Dolphins have bigger “fish” to fry if they have to release their newly acquired franchise QB.

If Tannehill is the only player with a contract snag, then our First Picked/Last Signed contest may be coming to a quick close. Get your picks in now! To be eligible to win the contest, you just need to guess the player selected in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft who will be the very last to sign a contract with the team that selected him. You can enter every day until there is one draft pick left unsigned.

The contest will run until all but one players are signed, and that appears to be happening pretty quickly, so get your picks in now. For more information and details, visit the official contest entry page.