2012 Olympics – Michelle Jenneke Warm-Up Routine Video Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Michelle Jenneke, an Australian hurdler, blew her competition away at the World Junior Championship in Barcelona last weekend. However, it wasn’t her racing ability that has everyone (guys) talking.

Right before a race, while on the track, Michelle Jenneke, 19, did a sexy little cheerleader-style warm-up routine… while sporting her cute smile the entire time. You can see the video below. The smile tells me this girl knows exactly what she is doing (to guys).

Michelle Jenneke, won this particular race, but finished fifth overall in the IAAF World Junior Championship and therefore failed to qualify for the 2012 Olympics in London… but with talent like this, I’m sure we’ll see her in 2016 in Rio.

Check it out…

The original video didn’t go viral, but a second version (above) appeared, complete with slow motion and musical accompaniment.

The video has already earned Michelle Jenneke an offer to pose nude. It wasn’t Playboy, but I’m sure Hef isn’t far behind with his two cents.