Pittsburgh’s Mike Wallace Could Land with The Miami Dolphin’s

The saga in Pittsburgh between management and disgruntled wide receiver Mike Wallace has hit a stalemate. Neither side seems willing to blink. Each side has one more card to play; it seems that the Rooney family is holding the trump card.

Mike Wallace can hold out not only from OTAs but also the regular season if he can take the financial hit. This move will not only hurt Wallace’s pocket but also his perception as a manageable player.

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ organization has the right to cut bait and move on at anytime. Every day that this drama drags out there is more reports that The Steelers are ready to do just that.

Many teams could benefit from Mike Wallace’s speed. There is no team in the NFL that could use help at the wide receiver position more than the Miami Dolphins. The Miami Dolphins gave the wide receiving corps a yet-to-be-seen boost with the addition of Chad Johnson. There still is not a solid number one receiver in South Beach.

The only receiver that constantly shines in Miami is Devon Bess. Bess has showed over the years that he can run sharp short routes and has the ability to keep the chains moving in short yardage situations. Brian Hartline who is by default the number one receiver in Miami has been inconsistent at best. The hope of Miami is with Chad Johnston drawing coverage they will be able to get the ball to Hartline a bit more.

If Miami wants to be a serious threat and not a rebuilding team this year it is time for the team to make a splash. From the Peyton Manning deal to the John Fox debacle, this team is yet to make any offseason noise. Mike Wallace could be that noise.

Wallace’s speed would be a perfect fit for Joe Philbin’s new West Coast offence. With Mike Wallace and Chad Johnson stretching the field Miami’s running game would also become a force to be reckoned with.

In short, Mike Wallace would not only bring his talents to The Miami Dolphins. The Miami Dolphins would also benefit from a 1000+ yards Reggie Bush, an improved Brian Hartline, a Wes Welker like Devon Bess and maybe, just maybe the Chad Johnson of old. This is not a rebuilding team; this would be a playoff contender.

Mike Wallace’s days with The Pittsburgh Steelers seem to be done. The only question left is does Ross and Co. have what it takes to get him to South Beach.