NFL Contest: Justin Blackmon and Kendall Wright Are Final Two Unsigned 2012 Draft Picks

Our contest started the Monday after the 2012 NFL Draft was completed, and now, three months later, it appears to soon be coming to close. With Ryan Tannehill, the 8th overall pick and newest Miami Dolphin, signing, only two players remain in our “First Picked/Last Signed” contest. Justin Blackmon and Kendall Wright and the last two first round picks from the 2012 NFL Draft that have not signed yet.

As soon as either Justin Blackmon or Kendall Wright signs on the dotted line, the contest is over… and the other is the correct answer.

So today may be your final chance to correctly guess the last first round draft pick signed to a contract. The only selections left are Justin Blackmon and Kendall Wright. To be eligible to win the contest, you just need to guess which player will be the very last to sign a contract with the team that selected him.

For more information and details, visit the official contest entry page.