Taylor Momsen and a Fan Get Topless on Stage (PICS)

I must be getting old because when this came over the wire I said to myself “who the hell is Taylor Momsen”. With a little research I found out Taylor Michel Momsen is an actress who portrayed the character of Jenny Humphrey on the CW television series Gossip Girl. Taylor Momsen’s latest gig is playing in a band and flashing her tits.

Taking a clue from her elder Madonna, Taylor Momsen treated her fans to a peek of her baby-feeders at a recent show. Unlike Madonna who went all out and showed her breasts nipples and all Taylor Momsen strategically placed black tape over her glasscutters ala the late Wendy O’Williams.

Where this did get beyond Maddona’s act is a Taylor Momsen fan got into the mix who broke out her own jugs. There were tits flying everywhere. This desprate plea for attention could be the 16th minute of fame. Then again, this could be a warm up for some totally nude shots or a Playboy spread.  For some reason this young woman does not seem like the type to wilt when naked.

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