Hope Solo’s Nude Photos Bring to Question the Moral Fiber of the New Olympians (PICS).

The participants of the 2012 Olympics have some checkered pasts. News of the World published an alleged picture of Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps holding a bong and smoking weed which he later admitted to being him.

Kobe Bryant of the Team USA men’s basketball team was charged with the rape of a Colorado teenager in 2003. This was settled out of court and included Bryant’s publicly apologizing to his accuser, though admitting no guilt on his part.

Adding to the Olympic infamy Olympic Women’s Soccer star Hope Solo posed naked for Sports Illustrated. Yes, I understand SI is not Playboy or a hard-core porn magazine like Hustler. Still Olympic purists feel that someone representing the USA should be of the highest moral fiber.

The photos are artful and are not full frontal nudity. Hope Solos breast and nipples are strategically covered thou her ass is nude for the world to see as you can see here and here. Hope Solo is showing a lot less nudity than we have seen in NBC’s coverage of the games as you can see in this post of Olympic nip slips and wardrobe malfunctions.

Therefore, I say if Hope Solo wants to prance around naked, let it be. I just wish she would talk to a few of the girls from the beach volleyball team and get them to drop a bit of laundry too.