Mozaex Dramatically Enhances the User Experience with BluWavs 7.1 HD Headphones

Mozaex, the premiere manufacturer of multi-room Blu-ray entertainment servers and peripherals, announced today it has launched BluWavs™, a revolutionary, patent pending series of 7.1 HD Audio headphones.

“Mozaex has once again set a new standard in luxury home entertainment with the release of the first headphones to support Blu-ray 7.1 discrete HD Audio,” said Mozaex CEO Douglas Kihm.

BluWavs includes a BluWav “Blender” Audio Console and PLUSH technology (Personally Leveled Ultimate Surround Headphones) which allows users to fine-tune the volume and EQ of ten discrete speakers to meet their personal surround sound listening preferences.

For example, the volume levels of the 10 discrete speakers and the EQ levels of the front speakers can be adjusted to create a warmer, deeper bass sound, or adjust the center and rear levels for louder movie dialogue and greater spatial effects.

BluWavs are designed to dramatically enhance the user experience when playing movies, music, games, and online surround sound media, such as NetFlix and iTunes.

BluWavs meets the needs of millions of people, including 30 percent Americans and 50 percent Europeans who live in condominiums and other Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs).

BluWavs HD Audio delivers bit rates up to 27 Mbps (or 18 times the quality of standard definition formats).

BluWavs include a vibration subwoofer driver that has its own dedicated bass-booster amplifier and crossover, which delivers bass sounds the listener can literally feel.

BluWavs can support LPCM, DTS-HD ® Master and Dolby ® TrueHD HD Audio via either Multi-Channel pre-amp outputs or HDMI, depending on the model.

The A10/AE10 works with your existing pre-amp-out receiver. The D10 allows you to add your own dedicated BluWavs pre-amp-out receiver and supports four HDMI sources. The DR10 is a D10 plus a pre-amp receiver.


BluWavs-A10: Analog Blender, Headset – $1,295
BluWavs-AE10: Analog/EQ Blender, Headset – $1,695
BluWavs-D10: Digital 4-Way-HDMI Switch Blender, Headset – $1,695
BluWavs-DR10: D10 plus Receiver Blender, Headset – $2,595
BluWavs-Headset-10: Additional BluWav Headset – $795
BluWavs are shipping on November 1, 2012.

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About Mozaex
Mozaex is a 29 year old leading manufacturer of Blu-ray 3D Entertainment Servers and Blu-ray® HD Headphones.