First Shots of Snooki’s Baby Allegedly Leaked (PICS)

We go this shot from one of our sources in New Jersey. Snooki’s baby boy Little Lorenzo Dominic LaValle , was born early Sunday morning, healthy 6 lb. and 5 oz. Roughly the size of a steak his mom would graze on. People speculated the fist pictures of little Lorenzo Dominic LaValle would go for thousands. Celebrities often give the fist baby pics to the highest bidder. We are guessing publicity hungry Nicole Polizzi had the same plan.

It looks like these leaked pictures of Snooki’s baby will foil those plans. Our guess is someone somehow got into Saint Barnabas Medical Center in New Jersey and snapped this photo of the new born. It was described to us as a picture of Snookie’s baby. Let’s face it this could be any kid born in the bridge and tunnel district.

If this is the child of Jionni LaValle and Snookie the kid looks like neither of them. So I amd giving this shout out to the men of the cast and crew of Jersey Shore. The DNA testing lab opens at 9 tomorrow get there early guys Maury Povich starts taping at 10. I am also going to go out on a limb and assume the child will grow up gay. After coming out of Snooki’s love-hole I am guessing the kid will never want to see another vagina as long as he lives. Anyway here is the pic.