Seven Ways to Win Your NFL Fantasy Football Draft

If you ask me, some of the most fun I have experienced in Fantasy Football comes at the draft. It’s great to see old friends and remind them of their stupid picks from yesteryear. I am the first to admit I want to have some fun, but honestly I just want to win. No one likes to lose, especially not to me because, when it comes to Fantasy Sports, I take it seriously and second place is the first loser. With that in mind, I created my seven ways to win a draft tips:

Know Your League – Try to get an idea of the teams that the guys in your league follow. People tend to draft who they follow. It is human nature to favor players if you’re seeing them more often.

Track the Whole Draft – Make sure you keep track of every pick. If it’s your turn and you notice that everyone ahead of you already has their starting quarterback it is probably safe for you to draft your third running back or your second wide receiver and wait for the quarterback to come back around to you.

Don’t Let Your Feelings Get in the Way – I personally hate the Cowboys, but this isn’t reality football, this is Fantasy. If you think Dez Bryant scores more points than Donald Driver, pick him! If you don’t pick a player because you don’t like the team they play for, then you may end up crying about being in last place.

Look for Value in the Middle Rounds – There are always steady performing veterans out there that don’t get picked because other people are taking flyers on young “maybes.” A good example would be a guy like Derrick Mason. Many others have “sexier” names, but when you need someone to fill in for a week or two, someone like Mason will give you steady points.

Keep Track of Who You Stole From – Every time someone groans and tells you “Hey! That was my pick,” write it down. They wanted him so those are the first people you need to look to when there is a trade you need to fill a spot or finish off your team.

Get a Good Mix – No one wins their league with all sleepers or all value picks; a winner needs a combination of both. If you have Aaron Rodgers, you should reach for a quarterback. If you have LeSean McCoy, reach away. If you wait until the 8th round to pick your starting quarterback, I would pick my back up shortly after that. 2 value picks at quarterback usually equals one good starter.

Don’t Ignore the Offensive Line – Not many leagues draft an offensive line, but if you can’t block you can’t win. Coach Spagnuolo said it best: “Every quarterback throws the same when they’re lying on their back!”

So there you have it. Following this guide won’t guarantee a win, but it will guarantee you a great draft – after that it’s up to you.

Here are some sleepers for you this year:

Jake Locker (Titans)
Ryan Williams (Cardinals)
Isaac Redman (Steelers)
Evan Royster (Redskins)
Jared Cook (Titans)
Kellen Davis (Bears)
Brandon Lloyd (Patriots)
Eddie Royal (Chargers)
Randall Cobb (Packers)
Lance Moore (Saints)

Jim and Eric Butz are the Philly-based sports radio personalities and fantasy football experts who are the brains behind Suicide Fantasy Football takes the one and done aspect of a suicide league and combines it with a traditional fantasy football league. Simply put, you select a roster each week from every available player in the NFL. The twist is once you use the player, you lose them for the rest of the season.