Last Call – 2012 NFL Week 1 Expert Picks and Predictions Contest

This is your final notice to review our 2012 expert NFL week 1 picks and predictions and to enter your own so you can win some great prizes… possibly a kegerator. Only one game is in the books and a blu-ray box set has already been awarded to a lucky “Beat the House” contestant.

Having a chance to win is as easy as it can be… you’ve probably done it on other sites already. Just enter your week 1 picks in our all-new pick ’em interface and you’re ready to go. We’ll handle the rest.

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So far, the House is 0 for 1 as their pick of the New York Giants beating the Dallas Cowboys didn’t quite come to fruition.

You have right up to the kickoff of each game to make your picks, so you can still miss the early games today and still make your late Sunday and prime-time picks and still be eligible for the prize, including the Kegerator from, because we’ve instituted a playoff-style run off at the end of the season. You don’t need to have to most correct picks, there are plenty of ways for you to make the playoffs.

For all the details, check out the Beat the House introductory announcement, or just head on over to the contest entry page and make your picks.

Good luck to you and your favorite football team today… unless they are playing mine.