Kate Middleton Photographed Nude by the Paparazzi (Uncensored Photos)

The internet has been flooded with pictures of Pippa Middleton topless and Prince Harry naked of late.  With the exception of bikini photos, Princess Kate Middleton has seemed to stay out away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. That is until these nude pics hit the web.

A French magazine has posted a series of nude shots of the future King of England’s wife.  How things have changed in a few hundred years. I would imagine that in the good olde days a stunt like this could get you beheaded. This being 2012 the royal family has said they are going to sue.

The uncensored pictures show a intimate sunbathing session between Kate Middleton and Britain’s Prince William. Duchess Catherine is in multiple picture with her tits bare to the world.  One shot also shows Kate Middleton pulling down her bikini bottom to allow the Duke of Cambridge to apply suntan lotion to her bare ass.

You can see the pics royal breasts here at this link.

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