Gadget Review – Tablet Tail: Whale Kit – Handle & Stand System for Digital Devices

I am fortunate enough to regularly get my hands on and review many different gadgets geared to improve your daily use of digital devices. In most cases, I get a kick out of the cool new toy, but then stop using it after awhile, defaulting to one of my original gadgets, or nothing at all.

Not this time. The Tablet Tail system from Octa was an instant hit with everyone in my household and was immediately put to constant use.

The Tablet Tail is a 2-part grip and positioning system made up of a vacuum dock and a “whale tail”. The first piece, the vacuum dock, is a super-strong pump-action suction cup that puts a death grip on your device. Part two is a flexible handle/stand that is shaped like an actual whale’s tail. Together, the pair team up to make a superior and uber-adaptable support system for almost any device with a flat back to it, including laptops.

Upon opening the packaging, my 3-year old daughter instantly fell in love. “Dolphin Tale”, she yelled, being a fan of the movie, as I pulled out the flexible whale tale. Naturally, her Kindle Fire was the first to try out the new gadget. It made a perfect stand that worked steadily on the uneven couch as she was video-streamed to sleep.

Other devices that the Tablet Tail worked perfectly on were our two iPads… one with a case and one without. The dock made a perfect grip on both the bare iPad and the hard case. Just like it did with the Kindle Fire, the Tail made a perfect stand that could be adjusted to any angle or position. It also made a great handle where you could keep a well-balanced grip on the pad while swiping away with the free hand.

My favorite use for the Tail came, unexpectedly, during our 7-hour vacation drive this summer. As the kids got bored with their toys in the car, and since it was only halfway through the journey, it was time to pull out a movie. On a whim, I tried the threading the whale tail through the support on one of the head rests. Bingo. It worked like a charm and stayed up the entire time we needed it to.

Finally, the hinges in my laptop recently decided to crap out on me. Guess what was the first, and last, option I went to for temporarily holding up the laptop screen until the new hinges were delivered? Again, the suction on the smooth back face of the laptop was clean and continuous.

As you can see in the images above, with the one Tablet Tail: Whale Kit system, you get a device stand, handle, vehicle headrest sleeve, “Are we there yet” eliminator and emergency lid prop. That is quite a few pennies if you purchased all of those different gadgets. Instead, you can purchase ONE Whale Kit for $49.99.

Ok, I know the question on everyone’s mind right now… “What kind of asshole buys his 3-year old daughter a Kindle Fire”. That answer needs a whole other article. To answer your second question, you can purchase or find more out about the Tablet Tail system at or purchase it from the link right here –>

You will not regret it.