Howard Stern Raves About Elisa Jordana and Benjy Bronk Nude Register to Vote Photo (Nip Slip Pic)

elisa jordana in shower

This morning on the Howard Stern Radio Show, Howard was talking up a set of photos of show staffer Benjy Bronk and his girlfriend Elisa Jordana. The theme of the photo set was “I’d rather go naked than not vote” but for some reason, the pair were naked and covering up their private parts with “Register to Vote Here” signs.

Howard’s favorite pic was one of Benjy and Elisa in the shower, complete with an official Elisa Jordana nip slip. A bit of nipple is peeking out from behind the sign. A few of the pics can be seen below, including the uncensored nip slip pic.

Below is the “I’d rather go naked than not vote” video as posted on Elisa Jordana’s YouTube page:

Below are some of the “Register to Vote” pics collected from various internet outlets, including Click any thumbnail to see the full-sized uncensored image:

Elisa Jordana was Miss Howard TV June 2012. For our past Miss Howard TV galleries, click here.

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