Michelle Jenneke NEW Warm Up Dance In the Rain. Brace the Internet! (VIDEO)

Michelle jenneke wet warmup

She’s back. The uber-cute Michelle Jenneke, the Australian hurdler infamous for her cheerleader-esque warm-up routine, has once again struck a blow to the internet with an all-new video. To set the bar even higher, this latest video features a soaking wet Michelle Jenneke doing her sexy warm up routine in the rain.

Somebody brace the internet!

The first pre-olympics video brought the interwebs dangerously close to their demise. Now we have the added factor of water. You can see the latest internet craze below:


If this is your first dive into the realm of Michelle Jenneke, check out our original post featuring an edited YouTube video of her warm up routine when it first broke.

Stay tuned for the next Michelle Jenneke video as she warms up in cherry Jell-o.