Get Fired Up For Your Workout With My ” Diy Starbucks” Fat Burnin’ Coffee Protein Shake!

I’ve loaded this drink with some of the most potent fat burning and muscle building ingredients available. The Greek yogurt and protein powder provide plenty of protein. This makes it an effective pre or post-workout drink and also a good meal replacement drink because it is quite filling. The almond milk is extremely low-carb compared to regular milk, so this will not go to your gut.

The caffeine in the coffee is awesome for pre-workout because it releases fatty acids into your bloodstream which allows you to burn them off during exercise. The cinnamon will curb insulin spikes when you eat so if you take this in the morning as a breakfast replacement (which is what I do), you help prevent fat gain throughout the day.

-Blender- I use the Magic comes with multiple cups. It just Rocks. -Coffee- 2 T brewed ( toss in fridge for a while to cool it off ) or prepare in advance (flavored is fine too) -Add 1 Packet Stevia -1 Scoop Lean Active 7 Vanilla Protein powder; Not only does it blend well with no clumps, it contains CLA for more fat burning! -1/2 Cup Greek Yogurt plain or Vanilla (I prefer plain) -Add 1 tablespoon flaxseed, a few sprinkles of ground cinnamon, and a cup of almond milk (optional)to the blender cup with the coffee and blend away (30 sec). Prepare another blender cup with ice cubes (blend to crush) and pour in the drink

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