Texans at Jets Monday Night Football: Watch the NFL Streaming Free Online

Tonight’s Monday Night Football Point Spread is one of the widest of the week, The New York Jets are getting 8 points. If they could actually get an 8 point handicap, this game would still be beyond their reach. In back-to-back games, they face the two teams that seem at this minute most probable to go to the Super Bowl. Last week the NFC powerhouse San Francisco 49ers gave the Jets and embarrassing smackdown. The 49ers shutout the New York Jets offence and scored 34 points on what Rex Ryan said would be a top five defense during the preseason.

Week 5 MNF brings the Houston Texans to Metlife Stadium. Typically, this stadium is hostile territory for a visiting team, tonight it is hostile territory for the Jets. The fans will not wait for a Texans score or Mark Sanchez interception to turn on their team. Expect this crowd to get nasty after the first three-and-out. The question here is not if they will start chanting TEBOW, but how soon they start chanting TEBOW.

Tonight Mark Sanchez does not have to play good football; he has to play great football to keep his job this week. Lets face it Mark Sanchez has never played “great” football. Sagging ticket sales will also be a factor in Tim Tebow getting his first start next week against the ripe for picking Indianapolis Colts.

The bottom-line is Andre Johnson and quarterback Matt Schaub will have a field day with a wide open secondary sans Revis Island. You can watch the Houston Texans vs. New York Jets  Monday Night Football week 5 match-up on ESPN  or  NFL.com at 8:30 PM EST.

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