BCAAs Can Help With Fat Loss

New research has shown that BCAAs can help with fat loss. This research has shown that people whose diet contains high amounts of BCAAs are thinner than people who consume lower amounts. This is partly due to the fact that leucine supplementation raises the bodies metabolic rate. These studies have also shown that leucine is not the only slimming factor in BCAAs.

A Japanese study fattened mice for 6 weeks by putting them on a fat-rich diet. For the last 4 weeks half of the mice were given isoleucine as well, in their drinking water. The researchers gradually increased the concentration of isoleucine up to 2.5 percent.

The supplementation reduced weight gain and fat tissue growth. The amount of fatty acids in the muscles and the liver also decreased, indicating that the organs burned more fat. This was because isoleucine stimulates the fat sensor PPAR alpha in the liver and muscles, and deactivates the same PPAR alpha in fat tissue. More PPAR means that cells absorb and burn more fatty acids.

But isoleucine does more: it also activates the proteins UCP2 and UCP3, which boost metabolism.

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