NFL Week 6 Laser-Accurate Free Expert Picks and Predictions and Week 5 Recap

Now we’re gettin’ warm. In week 5 of the 2012 NFL Season, just like week 4, we saw a much more accurate set of picks and predictions from both The House and the contestants than in the previous 3 weeks. Even though the House did well, the group collective did better, and therefore the House was beaten.

Since the House fell, prizes are awarded. This week we had a member with only one loss… johnk24. Way to go John, you’ll prize will arrive shortly.

Now, on to week 6. The House has made its picks and predictions, now it is your turn. There are a few interesting match ups on the card this weekend, so sharpen your pencil and choose wisely.


As for our Beat the House contest, this season, having the most correct picks doesn’t guarantee you the grand prize, so the field is wide open. We have instituted a playoff-style runoff at the end of the season that will include 16 winning entrants. The top 10 players with the most correct picks automatically make the playoffs, and there will be 6 additional “wild card” playoff spots. Two of those spots will go to the contestants who have earned the Beat the House Facebook Page the most likes. See the Beat the House official rules page for all of the details and specific rule changes.

Don’t worry if you’ve missed out on the first five weeks, you still have 12 more to go with plenty of weekly and random prizes to win as well as a wild card playoff berth.