Goldie Hawn Officially Hits the Wall

Goldie Hawn was caught by paparazzi sans makeup. Typically, we don’t comment on these shots but this time around something has to be said. Goldie was once one of the hottest women in Hollywood. It looks like her love for the golden sun has turned the smoking actress into a leather handbag.

Goldie had once adorned the pages of Playboy and appeared nude in numerous films. Goldie Hawn first appeared nude 42 years ago in There’s a Girl in My Soup (1970). Goldie continued to romp on film naked til the age of 56 in the film The Banger Sisters

It seems those days (hopefully) have passed. There are plenty of actress of her generation that have managed to keep it together , Adrienne Barbeau, Christine Baranski and Helen Mirren to name a few. All over 60 and all still looking good. Check out Goldie’s pic here