Zumba Instructor Turned Prostitute Alexis Wright Popsicle Video

Kennebunk, the vacation home of Ex-President George H. Bush and many of America’s richest and most powerful people is being rocked by a monumental sex scandal.  Zumba Instructor Alexis Wright was running a complex one woman prostitution service out of her Zumba studio.

Where this story takes off is Alexis Wright kept a list of her power broker clients. The list is said to contain the names of politicians, CEOs, police and even a television personality. Adding fuel to the fire Alexis Wright secretly taped some of her clients and as you can see below some of those uncensored videos are starting to hit the web.

When the complete client list and more unedited videos hit the web, you can expect to see resignation letter blowing through New England like the fall leaves. High profile divorce filings will most likely follow those resignations.

Until then enjoy this Alexis Wright solo sex performance video with a popsicle. I am sure  Vivid Video is on the phone so once the charges clear there will most likely be a full length Alexis Wright porn hitting the internet.  If Octomom can get a porn contract I am pretty sure Alexis Wright can.

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Alexis Wright Popsicle Video