Rick’s Cabaret NYC Celebrates Its 7th Anniversary with Howard Stern Show Staff (PICS)

Famous for its beautiful showgirls, upscale clientele, gourmet steakhouse and warm hospitality, Rick’s Cabaret New York had a series of parties commemorating its 7th anniversary in the Big Apple. Howard Stern Show staffers “Sal the Stockbroker” and “Ronnie the Limo Driver” were special guest hosts at one of the parties.

“I love all the Rick’s clubs, and Rick’s Cabaret New York is really amazing. The party was awesome,” said Ronnie the Limo Driver. “Rick’s Cabaret has so many incredibly hot girls,” said Sal the Stockbroker. “It’s like Disneyland for adult men.”

“There were a lot of great people here helping us celebrate our anniversary,” said Rick’s Cabaret New York Girl Monica. “I was on the VIP 3rd floor and it was packed with Wall Street bankers and every ECN broker UK had. I also danced for some celebrities, but we never reveal any names,” she explained.

Rick’s Cabaret New York Girl Athena said, “Sal the Stockbroker was really nice and Ronnie the Limo Driver is always so much fun.” “I love dancing at Rick’s Cabaret,” said Simone. “It was a great party, and really, every night is a party at Rick’s Cabaret!”

Click any thumbnail below to see the full-sized images of Sal and Ronnie with some of the Rick’s Cabaret girls:

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