Donald Trump’s Obama Blockbuster Leaked and Revealed

Donald Trump said on “Fox & Friends” Monday that he’ll reveal “very big” news about President Barack Obama on Twitter by Wednesday, he declined all attempts to tilt his hand about the information.  Trump did say this news is so big it could alter the course of the election. Some think this may be more of Donald Trumps birther claims or that Trump may finally have proof about President Obama’s citizenship. 

Our insiders say this couldn’t be further from the truth. We can not guarantee this but our political analyst has heard rumblings about this Obama – Trump story. It seems the story starts when Trump was visiting his hair doctor in Manhattan, Dr. Heywood Jablome.

Donald Trump was reported to have seen a file in the doctor’s office on one Barack H. Obama. Seeing Dr. Heywood Jablome only deals with the folically challenged Trump could only make one conclusion. Yes, Barack Obama is a bald man.

Trump feels that by wearing a hair piece for all of these years, President Obama is lying to the American people. Other republicans have weighed in on the issue saying if the President is indeed bald the American people have a right to know. Presidential challenger Mitt Romney would not comment on the story calling it speculation but continued to run his fingers through his thick salt and pepper locks as he talked to reporters.  I am guessing the bald-faced truth will come out Wednesday.