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This could be a fun Sunday Night Football game to watch for a couple of reasons.  The Denver Broncos are sitting atop a lukewarm division with only the San Diego Charger as a legitimate challenger for their post-season ride. While the NFC South is not a powerhouse division, the undefeated Atlanta Falcons seem to have complete control over the division. The reality is the Saints have no chance of taking the NFC South; a win today could put them back in the hunt for a wild card spot.

This game features one team fighting for their season and another trying to get more of a foothold on the playoffs. If you talk to the average Saints fan they will tell you the odds are stacked against them in this game. Not because the Denver Broncos are a more talented team, no in the eyes of the Saints fans it is the blackhat conspirity against the Saints.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell stripped the Saints of their best defenders, their coach and even QB Drew Brees has a distain for the officiators. First, the replacement refs had it out for the Saints now with the regular refs back the Saints still feel calls are going against them.

The Broncos make no excuses; they are simply hitting the field and playing solid football. Every week this team seems to get better. Peyton Manning has taken this team to a new level. Tonight could be the breakout game that catapults the Broncos yet a few more rungs up the ladder.

I see the Denver Broncos taking control of this game early and dominating for all four quarters. As the clock ticks to the final seconds tonight, I think it would be fitting if the Broncos played the Mortal Kombat Finish Him sound bite through the stadiums sound system.  Tonight could be the beginning of the end for the Saints season. You can watch the New Orleans Saints at Denver Broncos Sunday Night Football week 8 match-uplive here

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