No More Football Widows: Relationship Expert Suggests Couples Have Sex at Halftime

The idea of a “football widow” comes up every year, when many wives of football fanatics are left on their own, by husbands or partners with a strong love for the game. This year, relationship therapist Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil suggests couples engage in the sport together, as a way to grow their relationship and spend time together.

If couples that play together, stay together, then take advantage of the games this season to make a connection – and save some money. Dr. Bonnie suggests women make preparations to be a part of their husband’s football festivities – after discussing it together of course! “Make them their favorite snack, ask about the game, who they’ll be rooting for, and what they’d like their wives to know about the game.”

Start the morning with a snuggle, then cuddle up again at half-time, suggests Dr. Bonnie. Football food can be fattening but a snuggle and sex has no calories! Additionally, spending time together might alleviate some of the lavish spending that comes during football season – Americans spend $5.6 billion on Superbowl-related items! Spending time together – even having sex at halftime – will give couples an endorphin rush, similar to what they may experience watching a close football game!

This type of willingness to engage with something that’s important to the other partner can come back around in spades. If the wife is excited about spending time with her husband on game day, it’s more likely that the husband will be enthusiastic about plans she might have.

Even for couples that won’t be watching the game together, it’s helpful to create a fun atmosphere. Often women are the ones who choose not to watch the game, and they may resent their husband’s decision to do so. Instead of letting football drive a wedge in the relationship, use it as an opportunity to create a positive experience for both people. Women not watching the game can encourage their husband to have a good time without them, with an understanding that there will be couple time later, or the wife will have some free time to spend doing something she enjoys.

What goes around comes around – and it’s not a Superbowl Ring!

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