New Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Reportedly Ready to Hit the Web

Our friends at Media Take Out have just broken the news that a new Kim Kardashian sextape is ready to hit the web. What makes this interesting is there is a scene in the new tape that makes us wonder if R Kelly was doing the directing.

From – We use the word “new” because our source claims that it is made up of “DELETED SCENES” from the first Ray J and Kim sextape.

What makes this “new” tape more interesting. Is that the sellers are reportedly claiming that it has a “urination scene” in it.

If this is just deleted scenes from Kim Kardashian’s homemade porn it is no big deal. Unless Kim Kardashian is getting pee’d on, they it is a whole new ball game. I am not into scat porn but the thought of Kim Kardashian getting pee’d on makes me chuckle. Then again, we do not know maybe it was Kim Kardashian peeing on Ray J.

This question goes out to Kanye West. Can you still put a ring on it after Ray J put a stream on it? The posing nude for Playboy is no big deal. Yeah, Kim Kardashian banged a handful of pro athletes – so what. Getting pee’d on? Kanye, brother you have to draw the line there.

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