“Sex Toy Dave” Levine Launches High Fashion T-Shirt Line

“Sex Toy Dave” Levine, one of the largest distributors of adult products on the internet, and Michael Scarpellini, founder of Happiness Brand, launched a line of high fashion T-shirts. Two of the most popular shirts released are the “I keep my phone on vibrate” and “50 shades of Pink.” The shirts are now available in Fred Segal’s store in Santa Monica, California; the famous Block 60 Riccione store in Milan, Italy; My Closet Italia chain of stores in Italy, Spain, and USA; and more stores worldwide.

“Sex Toy Dave” Levine is most well known for appearances on Seasons 1, 2, and 5 of Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker as well as several other reality shows.  And he is also known for being one of the largest distributors of adult products on the internet through his B2B sites and flagship retail site, Sex Toy dot com. Michael Scarpellini, founder of Happiness clothing, has grown his company rapidly over the last few years partially through collaboration with successful artists/businessmen like Dave Levine. “We like creative people like Dave who not only run a great business but show a unique ability to market themselves and their brand. So we approached Dave to come up with some design ideas for us,” explains Happiness founder Mr. Scarpellini. Dave immediately emailed Michael with several design ideas and Dave told us, “Creating a clothing line is a much more fun, creative, and profitable way to market my brand than directly advertising sex toys.”

As soon as the shirts were printed, several large stores decided to buy put them on display. “Our buyers are interested in these designs because they are unique and tap into popular sexual attitude trends,” explains Mr. Scarpellini. For information about Dave Levine or to view and purchase the shirts online (as they’ve been deemed too provocative for public broadcast), please find more information at SexToyDave.com.