The Whiskey Place Spotlights Its Selection of Johnnie Walker and Templeton

The Whiskey Place, known for its collection of Glenlivet scotch, is currently highlighting its selection of Johnnie Walker Blue and Templeton Small Batch Rye. The retailer, available online at, offers customers a variety of liquors including single malt scotch, vodka, gin, and rum.

The Whiskey Place is a family-owned business that works hard to find new products. The 12-year-old company is constantly searching out high-quality, genuine heritage spirits and liqueurs that will improve their innovative stock. The Whiskey Place currently boasts over 1,500 whiskeys, 900 of which are single match scotch; 300 bourbons; 300 vodkas; 150 tequilas; and over 75 different rums.

For customers who appreciate Johnnie Walker, The Whiskey Place is now offering Johnnie Walker Blue. This blended whiskey features a hand-crafted mixture of exclusive batches which invoke the whiskies of the early 19th century. It creates a complex flavor that finishes smooth with the brand’s signature smokiness. The Whiskey Place is currently offering a 750mL bottle of this exclusive label for only $169.99. Collectors can save 5% by buying this whiskey in bulk, with 12 bottles or more costing only $161.49 each. The retailer also maintains a full stock of many other Johnnie Walker whiskies, including the Red, Gold, and Black labels from the popular distillery.

The Whiskey Place also offers a wide selection of rye liquors, including the Templeton Small Batch Rye, an American whiskey that dates back to the Prohibition era. Although today’s standards only require 51% of the mash to be rye, Templeton uses a mash made from 90% rye grains that offers drinkers a bold flavor with a smooth finish. Customers can purchase this small batch rye for only $39.99 from The Whiskey Place and the price goes down to only $37.99 each when 12 or more bottles are bought. Rye enthusiasts who visit can also buy whiskey from a variety of other brand name distilleries including Jim Beam, Knob Creek, and Redemption.

These rye and blended whiskies make ideal gifts for connoisseurs and The Whiskey Place also offers gift cards that can be purchased and used as a gift. Customers can choose to put any amount between $50 and $1,500 on the gift card, and can also specify if it should be sent to the purchaser or directly to the recipient.

To buy whiskey or to learn more about Johnnie Walker Blue, Templeton Rye, or The Whiskey Place, visit the retailer online at or call 877-944-6440. The company is active on several online platforms including Facebook at and Twitter at The Whiskey Place also maintains a fine spirits blog at