Week 11 NFL Picks Predictions and Stone Cold Locks – Against the Spread, Totals and Money Line

These past two weeks have not been as fun as the others. We now find ourselves at 18-15 +6.3 units. We are still in the positive and looking to have a solid day and build up our bank roll. The only thing that stands in our way is Week 11. Week 11 is filled with obstacles, some teams have lost their starting QBs, some teams have lost their will to play and some teams have nothing left to lose and will be going all out … where do you trust your money ? I have an idea let’s begin.

HOUSTON    -15-110  (3 units) : Fate loves the fearless. This may be the highest number I have ever bet on, usually these teams fail to cash, backdoor covers are notorious in these situations. There is one thing I know, Houston is a legit team and Super Bowl contender, and the Jags have packed it in and are hoping for a number one draft pick. I think they would love to be Houston, just like I would love to beat Jon Jones… just not going to happen. The Jags do not have enough offense and Houston has too much of it. This game will probably be around 24-0 at halftime and end up around 38-7.

San Diego/Denver o48 -110 (2 units): The Broncos have scored over 30 points in each of their wins this season, I predict they will get somewhere around their today as well. San Diego should be able to put up a couple touchdowns and a FG, maybe even a few touchdowns in an attempt to avenge their embarrassing 24 point blown lead to the Broncos earlier this season. Peyton Manning is on, he does not want just comeback player, he wants the MVP, I think we will go deep a few times…. Points will be scored.

Tampa Bay pk -120 (3 units): I like the Bucs here. They finally resemble a team that can compete week in and week out. The Panthers are continuing to live and die by Cam Newton. I thought the Panthers had a chance early in the game vs. the Broncos, they looked really well, then a few big plays put the Broncos ahead and Cam Newton went into Great Depression mode and coasted the rest of the game. Could be a fun game to watch, but I think Tampa is to physical of a team right now. War Muscle Hamster.

Kansas City Chiefs + 155 (2 units): I am taking the Chiefs here! Cincinnati won big last week vs. the Giants.  Everybody is on them now, but the Giants have been in a slump and really shot themselves in the foot. The Bengals still are not that good of a team. They have a decent passing attack, but the Chiefs have a pretty good secondary. I am also concerned about the Bengals rush defense, they are giving up almost 120 yards a game … which is not good vs. a Chiefs team that rushes for about 150 yards a game. If the Chiefs can keep the Bengals from getting off to a big lead, and continue to run the ball, they will win this game.

Side Notes: Usually I would love the Packers coming off of a bye week, only laying 3 points to the lowly Detroit Lions, but the line has been pounded and pounded and Vegas is not budging. I am not touching this game. I also like the Ravens laying 3.5 to the Steelers. I think the Steelers have struggled this season and were kept in games in a large part to Roethlisberger. He is out with an injury, I think the Ravens.