NFL Week 12 Laser-Accurate Free Expert Picks and Predictions and Week 11 Recap

Week 11 of the 2012 NFL season has come and gone and we are getting a clearer picture as to who the elite teams are in the league. If Colin Kaepernick can do what he did Monday night every week, the Niners could be very tough to beat. Most power rankings have the “Big 4” at Texans, Niners, Patriots and Falcons, and that appears to be accurate for now. However, don’t count out the Saints and Packers.

Overall, the members had a very good week with their expert picks and predictions. We once again had perfect weeks by two members and many more only had one or two picks wrong. The House was CRUSHED this week, only getting 8 picks correct. Most of the membership eclipsed that, so therefore we owe free prizes. After the tiebreaker, enice44 is our week 11 winner and will be sent to movie prize pack. congrats!

Now on to week 12…


The House has made its week 12 expert picks and predictions and they are ready for your viewing pleasure on the week 12 results page. Overall, they look like some pretty safe picks, but there are some curveballs in there. Go to the main contest page via the link above to enter your picks before the Thanksgiving games!

This week we are giving thanks to our readers by giving away another wild card playoff spot. We are going to randomly pick a member who gets all three Thanksgiving Day games correct a free pass right into the playoffs. There are no tie-breakers for this one, it is completely a random draw from all entrants who pick the three Thursday Thanksgiving Day games correctly. Basically, you could enter this contest for the very first time this week, and automatically make it to the playoffs! Enter Now!

The other wild card spot up for grabs, as announced last week, will go to the first entrant who wins two weeks over the course of the season. So again, if you enter this week and next week, and win those weeks, you are right in line to win the kegerator.

If you haven’t figured out the “Beat the House” contest yet, this season, having the most correct picks doesn’t guarantee you the grand prize, a kegerator from, so the field is wide open. We have instituted a playoff-style runoff at the end of the season that will include 16 winning entrants. The top 10 players with the most correct picks automatically make the playoffs, and there will be 6 additional “wild card” playoff spots. Two of those spots will go to the contestants who have earned the Beat the House Facebook Page the most likes. We have already awarded one wild card. See the Beat the House official rules page for all of the details and specific rule changes.

Good Luck and have a great Thanksgiving!