Yes, There IS an Emma Stone Sex Tape (PICS)

RadarOnline is reporting that an unnamed source is in possession of a sex tape featuring The Amazing Spider Man actress Emma Stone. The “unnamed source” is apparently an ex-boyfriend who has the tape because he is her co-star in said sex tape.

Emma Stone is currently dating The Amazing Spider Man co-star, Andrew Garfield, and he is not the one in the video with her. Apparently the sex tape was made before Miss Stone became a household name. Since she is only 24, the question remains… just how many years before she became a household name was the tape filmed?

The odds are that the tape will never see the light of day and an old boyfriend that fell by the wayside is looking to get a few minutes of fame.

There are plenty of reasons warm-blooded guys everywhere would be interested in an Emma Stone sex tape, here are a few of them…

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