Rex Ryan: I’ve Never Seen Anything Like Last Night’s Nightmare

We are going to have to disagree with Rex on this one.  Yes, last night’s embarrassing loss to the Patriots was bad. However, is that the lowest point in Rex Ryan’s career? Sure Rex Ryan is most likely heading back to holding a clipboard for another head coach somewhere in the NFL. Maybe he will consider coaching on the college level.  Still as the sun sets on Rex Ryan’s head coaching career it will not be this game he is remembered for. Rex Ryan will be remembered as the kinky coach with the foot fetish.

It was only two years ago when the New York Jets coach was caught up in a swingers sex scandal with his wife Michelle. An profile was leaked to the internet listing the couples preferred activities as fisting, nipple torture and the profile went on to say “I love womens feet and want to watch my wife take a big one in all 3 holes”. You can check it out here along with Michelle Ryan’s nude shots from the profile.

While the main stream sports media and the NFL steered clear of the scandal, the interwebs and bloggers ate up the scandal with passionate fervor. Making Rex Ryan’s situation worse was the New York Jets were to next face their “arch” rival New England Patriots.

The New England fans replaced the Jets battle cry J, E, T, S, Jets, Jets Jets with T, O, E, S, Toes, Toes Toes.  Even New England Wide receiver Wes Welker got into the mix with a press conference that was bursting at the seams with foot references.  Wes got benched for his digs at the foot loving coach.

Michelle Ryan has disappeared from public view since the scandal. The scandal will never disappear from Rex Ryan’s coaching legacy. Rex Ryan will always be remembered as the coach who loved feet.