Watch Sunday Night NFL Football – Free Streaming Live Online Options and Game Preview

The Thanksgiving games of week 12, where all but one team scored more than 30 points, may have been the final proof that defense is dead in the NFL these days. The Sunday night prime-time match up between the New York Giants and Green Bay Packers, one that is being billed as a “battle between the last two Super Bowl Champions” could either prove that fact or debunk it, at least for now. If you don’t think you’ll be able to make it to a TV for this one, read on to see how you can use online streaming to see the game live and for free.

The personality of this game will rely totally on which New York Giants team decides to show up on Sunday night. The version we have seen lately are the dreadful Giants with Eli Manning not throwing a touchdown in three straight games. However, it wasn’t their offense that won them the two Super Bowls, it was their ferocious defense… and that hasn’t been showing up recently either. The Giants have given up no less than 23 points in each of their last four games.

Of course, coming out of their bye week, the New York Football Giants could be ready to flip the switch and the game could turn into a shootout. Even if the Giants D does decide to show up, there are few teams in the NFL, if any, that can stop the Green Bay Packers offense. If you just look at both quarterbacks over their past three games, Aaron Rodgers has thrown 8 touchdowns to Eli Manning’s 0.

The Giants can show up at any time though, and they tend to do it towards the end of the season. Their receivers are too good to continue to be shut out.

If you look at the opinions nationally, the only question is whether the Giants will make it a game or not. The consensus is that the Packers will win this game… however, the Giants are still a 3-point favorite in Vegas.

You’re going to have to sit back, buckle your seatbelt and watch this one to see how it plays out.

There are a few free streaming live online options for you so you can watch the game if you can’t catch it on NBC. First off, you can always head over to the official NFL streaming page to see what your legitimate options are there. There are also many free NFL online streaming international sites such as stream2watch, but visit those sites at your own risk.