Angus T. Jones Calls Two and a Half Men Ungodly Filth in Internet Video (Babe Gallery)

It looks like the cheese has slid off the cracker of Angus T. Jones – the actor who plays Jake Harper on Two and a Half Men. It seems Angus has found god and is denouncing his gravy train. Angus goes as far as to say that Satan himself has something to do with the evil in the TV show.

Let me try to wrap my tiny brain around this. The kid is 19 years old. He is surrounded by the hottest b- list and c-list actresses in Hollywood, easy pickings.  Most of his scenes are via Skype this year making this the easiest acting gig in the world. The two times he has actually appeared on the set the poor child gets stuck making out with Miley Cyrus. They pay Angus $350,000 per episode to do this. Yep, sounds like Satan’s work to me. 

30 years from now while sitting on Hollywood Boulevard hungry and homeless with a “The End Is Near” sign Angus T. Jones is going to have a ‘what the fuck did I do to my life moment”. He will look back at the cash he walked away from in sorrow. The beautiful women will be gone. Do I dare mention the delicious catering from Kraft Services will be out of the reach of his chubby fingers?

I can’t wait to see how the writers kill him off the show. They did Charlie Sheen pretty dirty with the ode to Charlie Harper’s STDs at his funeral. I am guessing some kind of auto-erotic asphyxiation is in the near future for Jake Harper.

Angus take one last look at what you are walking away from, maybe you can convince the producers it was all an internet goof.