LeAnn Rimes Pops a Nipple at NOH8 Event (PIC)

In her quest to stay relevant LeAnn Rimes wore, a dangerously low cut and open top to a NOH8 event this week. We think she got the desired result, yes a nip slip. Actually more than a nip slip, her whole boob can be seen in this picture.

LeAnn Rimes is constantly out-shined by her contemporary Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus is the country queen of the nip slip and side-boob. It looks like LeAnn Rimes has up’d her game to keep up with the Two and a Half Men actress. Nevertheless, even with LeAnn Rimes’ tit hanging out, Miley Cyrus still trumps her in celebrity sex news.

Just this week 22 year old Benjamin Greene was busted trying to shoplift a Miley Cyrus blowup doll from a North Carolina Spenser’s Gifts. The “Finally Mylie” doll is distributed by Pipedream Products and is part of a line that includes likeness of Katy Perry, Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, and Christina Aguilera. Yet, there is no LeAnn Rimes blow up sex doll in the collection for young Benjamin Greene.

If LeAnn Rimes wants to out-do Miley Cyrus a romp on a nude beach just might do it. I am sure the paparazzi will show up for that. LeAnn Rimes could also “accidentally” lose a cellphone full of naked pictures if she really needs the attention. I will give her credit LeAnn Rimes did get herself and her nipples back in the news.

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