Playboy Playmate Kylie Johnson Gives Shout Out to TMR Zoo

So, you’ll never believe what happened at the Crown Royal Heroes Project party hosted by Playboy this weekend in Dallas.  As 2011 Playmate Kylie Johnson helped Cowboys and Steelers fans stuff Crown Royal camo bags with holiday treats to be sent overseas to U.S. troops, she pulled out the bag in this picture!

No this is not a photoshop, playmate Kylie Johnson stuffed a bag holiday treats emblazoned with TMR Zoo to send to our troops overseas.

As you may know, the Heroes Project is Crown Royal’s year long program to honor American heroes – including the brave men and women protecting our freedom overseas.  As you can imagine, the holidays are an especially difficult time for these folks and every little reminder of home helps.

Many of the TMR Zoo writers and contributors are ex-military or have family members currently serving our country at home and abroad.  We are honored to be part of such an important cause.  If you would like to find out more about the Heroes Project please visit