Seven New Year’s Resolutions for Better Sex in 2013

Empowered Products, Inc. announced today its list of the top seven New Year’s resolutions for better, safer, longer, more intimate, and healthier sex in 2013 compiled by its own internal panel of “sexperts.”

“PINK and Gun Oil products help men and women of all ages and orientations have great sex and we get lots of creative feedback from people who use them,” said Scott Fraser, President and CEO of Empowered Products. “We invite all lovers to ‘LIKE’ us on Facebook and add their own New Year’s resolutions for better sex in 2013.”

The seven New Year’s resolutions for better sex in 2013 from PINK and Gun-Oil are:

1. Safe Sex is Hot Sex – Condoms help protect against pregnancy and sexually-transmitted diseases if used regularly and properly. Using a condom-compatible lubricant such as PINK or Gun Oil can reduce breakage during extended intercourse.

2. Lubrication Makes Sex Last Longer – Natural moisture can diminish during extended intercourse, resulting in discomfort from chafing wherever two bodies come together. Liberal use of silicone or water-based lubricants before and during sex can help make sex last longer.

3. Make Self-Love, Not War – Men and women who masturbate vigorously may experience difficulty reaching orgasm with a partner due to loss of sensitivity. The solution is to mimic the sensation of love-making with a partner, including keeping things moving smoothly with lubricants such as Stroke 29 for men and Pink Frolic for women.

4. Always Be Prepared – The best sex is often the most spontaneous, or when it’s least expected. Happy Pack sample-sized packages and 1.7 and 2 oz. bottles of PINK or Gun Oil in a purse or glove box can ensure lubricant is handy whenever and wherever the mood strikes.

5. Toys Are Not Just for Kids – A world of adult toys awaits consenting adults and their imaginations. Wherever man-made items encounter sensitive skin, toy-compatible lubricants such as PINK Frolic or Gun Oil Gel can keep fun moving smoothly.

6. Healthy Libido is the New Sexy – The healthiest, longest-lasting way to be all you can be in the bedroom, no matter what age, is a healthy lifestyle that includes nourishing your libido with PINK and Gun Oil all-natural performance-enhancing supplements.

7. Foreplay Over 40 For New Singles – Men and women over 40 are older and wiser and want each love-making encounter to last. Silicone or water-based lubricants such as PINK and Gun Oil are a great medium for extending and enhancing foreplay.

PINK and Gun Oil personal lubricant products are available in silicone, water-based and hybrid formulas that are condom-compatible and contain all-natural botanicals for restorative and healing properties. PINK and Gun Oil all-natural herbal performance enhancement supplements increase blood flow and sensitivity to enable men and women to maximize their performance while enhancing desire. PINK products can be purchased online at; Gun Oil products at

About Empowered Products, Inc.
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