Brazilian Virgin Catarina Migliorini Poses for Playboy (PICS)

Brazilian virgin Catarina Migliorini is featured this month on the cover of Brazil’s edition of Playboy magazine. For those of you unfamiliar with Catarina, she recently auctioned off her virginity to help children in her improvised village in Brazil.

20-year-old Brazilian beauty’s cherry went for $780,000 at auction, the top bidder being a Japanese businessman named “Natsu”. This bidder has jet to claim his prize, I am thinking after he sees Catarina’s spread in Playboy he may be hopping on a plane.

You can take a look at Catarina Migliorini in these great bikini shots, there is also a great uncensored nude shot from Playboy you can see here. Something tells me this is not the last we have seen of this girl. Is the transition from porn magazine to porn movie in play? I guess we will see after “Natsu” breaks the seal on this little South American smoke show.

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EDIT: A NEW Brazilian teen has thrown her “V-card” into the auction ring, check out the story here.